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Power-Aware Scheduling for Periodic Real-Time Tasks

Summary: Power-Aware Scheduling for
Periodic Real-Time Tasks
Hakan Aydin, Member, IEEE Computer Society, Rami Melhem, Fellow, IEEE,
Daniel MosseŽ, Member, IEEE Computer Society, and
Pedro MejiŽa-Alvarez, Member, IEEE Computer Society
Abstract--In this paper, we address power-aware scheduling of periodic tasks to reduce CPU energy consumption in hard real-time
systems through dynamic voltage scaling. Our intertask voltage scheduling solution includes three components: 1) a static (offline)
solution to compute the optimal speed, assuming worst-case workload for each arrival, 2) an online speed reduction mechanism to
reclaim energy by adapting to the actual workload, and 3) an online, adaptive and speculative speed adjustment mechanism to
anticipate early completions of future executions by using the average-case workload information. All these solutions still guarantee
that all deadlines are met. Our simulation results show that our reclaiming algorithm alone outperforms other recently proposed
intertask voltage scheduling schemes. Our speculative techniques are shown to provide additional gains, approaching the theoretical
lower-bound by a margin of 10 percent.
Index Terms--Real-time systems, power-aware computing, low-power systems, dynamic voltage scaling, periodic task scheduling.
IN the last decade, the research community has addressed
low-power system design problems with a multidimen-
sional effort. Reducing the energy consumption of a
computer system has necessarily multiple aspects, invol-


Source: Aydin, Hakan - Department of Computer Science, George Mason University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering