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Editorial Manager(tm) for Nonlinear Dynamics Manuscript Draft

Summary: Editorial Manager(tm) for Nonlinear Dynamics
Manuscript Draft
Manuscript Number: NODY117R1
Title: Piecewise-linear Restoring Force Surfaces for Semi-Nonparametric Identification of Nonlinear Systems
Article Type: Special Issue MEMS
Keywords: nonlinear system identification; restoring force surface; micro electro-mechanical system; MEMS;
nonlinear vibration; harmonic distortion; force state mapping.
Corresponding Author: Dr. Matthew S. Allen, Ph.D.
Corresponding Author's Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
First Author: Matthew S Allen, Ph.D.
Order of Authors: Matthew S Allen, Ph.D.; Hartono Sumali, Ph.D.; David S Epp, Ph.D.
Abstract: A method for identifying a piecewise-linear approximation to the nonlinear forces acting on a
system is presented and demonstrated using response data from a micro cantilever beam. It is based on
the Restoring Force Surface (RFS) method by Masri and Caughey, which is very attractive when initially
testing a nonlinear system because it does not require the user to postulate a form for the nonlinearity a
priori. The piecewise-linear fitting method presented here assures that a continuous piecewise-linear
surface is identified, is effective even when the data does not cover the phase plane uniformly, and is more
computationally efficient than classical polynomial based methods. A strategy for applying the method in
polar form to sinusoidally excited response data is also presented. The method is demonstrated on


Source: Allen, Matthew S. - Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Engineering