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Fusion Engineering and Design 42 (1998) 307318 Experimental measurement of nuclear heating in a

Summary: Fusion Engineering and Design 42 (1998) 307­318
Experimental measurement of nuclear heating in a
graphite-cantered assembly in deuterium­tritium neutron
environment for the validation of data and calculation
Anil Kumar a,
*, Yujiro Ikeda b
, Mahmoud Z. Youssef a
, Mohamed A. Abdou a
Fujio Maekawa b
, Yoshimi Kasugai b
School of Engineering and Applied Science, Uni6ersity of California (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA 90095-159710, USA
Department of Reactor Engineering, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Tokai, Ibaraki, 319-11, Japan
Within the framework of the ITER Task T-218 entitled `Shielding Blanket Neutronics Experiments', nuclear
heating measurements were conducted jointly by the USA and Japan using a micro calorimetric technique in a
graphite-cantered assembly. An accelerator-based D­T neutron source at JAERI was used to provide a mixed
neutron and photon field. The first measurements related to direct micro calorimetric measurements in individual


Source: Abdou, Mohamed - Fusion Science and Technology Center, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion