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Study Guide for Exam 2 Study Guide-Exam 2

Summary: Study Guide for Exam 2
Page 1
Study Guide- Exam 2
(covers Classes 2.1 through 2.6)
Class 2.1---02/08/07: The Genetic Code
Know the following terms:
Codon, anticodon, synonym, third-base degeneracy, wobble hypothesis, proofreading (relative to
synthethase charging), suppressor tRNAs, free ribosomes, membrane-bound ribosomes, post-
translational translocation, co-translational translocation, signal sequence, signal recognition
particle (SRP), SRP receptor, 11S ribonucleoprotein complex, 7S RNA, translocon.
Understand the Following Concepts:
1. Be able to use the codon dictionary to translate a strand of mRNA.
2. Be able to pick out the wobble base in a codon and an anticodon.
3. Be able to recognize some of the more common modified bases found in tRNAs.
4. Know which bases Inosine, queuosine, and 2-thiouridine can base pair with.
5. Understand the relationship between the number of codons, tRNAs, and aminoacyl-tRNA
6. Understand the mechanism of how aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are charged.
7. Understand how a suppressor tRNA works to suppress a missense or nonsense mutation.
8. Know where and how protein synthesis takes place in different locations within cells.


Source: Andres, Andrew - School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Collections: Biology and Medicine