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J.Stat.Mech.(2006)P07010 ournal of Statistical Mechanics

Summary: J.Stat.Mech.(2006)P07010
ournal of Statistical Mechanics:
An IOP and SISSA journalJ Theory and Experiment
Local and global relations between the
number of contacts and density in
monodisperse sphere packs
T Aste, M Saadatfar and T J Senden
Department of Applied Mathematics, Research School of Physical Sciences and
Engineering, The Australian National University, 0200, Australia
E-mail: tomaso.aste@anu.edu.au, mos110@rsphysse.anu.edu.au and
Received 22 May 2006
Accepted 13 June 2006
Published 31 July 2006
Online at stacks.iop.org/JSTAT/2006/P07010
Abstract. The topological structure resulting from the network of contacts
between grains (contact network) is studied for large samples of monosized
spheres with densities (fraction of volume occupied by the spheres) ranging from
0.59 to 0.64. We retrieve the coordinates of each bead in the pack and we calculate


Source: Aste, Tomaso - Department of Applied Mathematics, Australian National University


Collections: Physics