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IEEE INFOCOM, JUNE 2002 1 On Multiple Description Streaming

Summary: IEEE INFOCOM, JUNE 2002 1
On Multiple Description Streaming
with Content Delivery Networks
John Apostolopoulos, Tina Wong, Wai-tian Tan, Susie Wee
Streaming Media Systems Group
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, CA
Abstract-- CDNs have been widely used to provide low latency, scala-
bility, fault tolerance, and load balancing for the delivery of web content
and more recently streaming media. We propose a system that improves
the performance of streaming media CDNs by exploiting the path diver-
sity provided by existing CDN infrastructure. Path diversity is provided by
the different network paths that exist between a client and its nearby edge
servers; and multiple description (MD) coding is coupled with this path di-
versity to provide resilience to losses. In our system, MD coding is used to
code a media stream into multiple complementary descriptions, which are
distributed across the edge servers in the CDN. When a client requests a
media stream, it is directed to multiple nearby servers which host comple-
mentary descriptions. These servers simultaneously stream these comple-
mentary descriptions to the client over different network paths.
This paper provides distortion models for MDC video and conventional


Source: Apostolopoulos, John - Hewlett Packard Research Labs


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences