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The Ghost Fluid Method for deflagration and detonation discontinuities

Summary: The Ghost Fluid Method for deflagration and
detonation discontinuities
Ronald P. Fedkiw \Lambda
Tariq Aslam y
Shaojie Xu z
October 26, 1998
The level set method for compressible flows [17] is simple to implement,
especially in the presence of topological changes. However, this method
was shown to suffer from large spurious oscillations in [13]. In [5], a
new Ghost Fluid Method (GFM) was shown to remove these spurious
oscillations by minimizing the numerical smearing in the entropy field
with the help of an Isobaric Fix [6] technique. This GFM was designed
for traditional contact discontinuities where the interface moves with
the fluid velocity only. In this paper, we extend the GFM to multi
material interfaces where the interface velocity includes a regression
rate due to the presence of chemical reactions converting one material
into another. As a specific example, we will consider interface models
for deflagration and detonations discontinuities similar to the work in
[22, 16, 23, 24]. The resulting numerical method is robust and easy to


Source: Aslam, Tariq - Los Alamos National Laboratory


Collections: Physics