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Porphyrin Amphiphiles as Templates for the Nucleation of Calcium Carbonate

Summary: Porphyrin Amphiphiles as Templates for the
Nucleation of Calcium Carbonate
Joydeep Lahiri,, Guofeng Xu,, Daniel M. Dabbs,,
Nan Yao, Ilhan A. Aksay,, and John T. Groves*,,
Departments of Chemistry and Chemical
Engineering and Princeton Materials Institute
Princeton UniVersity, Princeton, New Jersey 08544
ReceiVed May 6, 1996
The processes of biogenic crystal growth are of interest both
to derive an understanding of the biochemistry for the develop-
ment of mesoscopic structures and as an inspiration to devise
new strategies for materials fabrication.1 Template-mediated
nucleation of calcite, a predominant polymorph in these
structures, has been investigated using either proteins2,3 or simple
monofunctional amphiphiles.4-6 Model studies with small
amphiphilic molecules at compressed Langmuir interfaces,
pioneered by Mann et al.,4 have yielded important insights on
the molecular recognition affecting the nucleation process of
the inorganic phase. However, the morphological control
mechanisms and numerous subtleties associated with protein


Source: Aksay, Ilhan A. - Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


Collections: Materials Science