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Automatic Image Placement to Provide A Guaranteed Frame Rate

Summary: 1
Automatic Image Placement to Provide
A Guaranteed Frame Rate
Daniel G. Aliaga Anselmo Lastra
Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
We present a preprocessing algorithm and run-time system for
rendering 3D geometric models at a guaranteed frame rate. Our
approach trades off space for frame rate by using images to replace
distant geometry. The preprocessing algorithm automatically
chooses a subset of the model to display as an image so as to
render no more than a specified number of geometric primitives.
We also summarize an optimized layered-depth-image warper to
display images surrounded by geometry at run time. Furthermore,
we show the results of applying our method to accelerate the
interactive walkthrough of several complex models.
Large and complex three-dimensional (3D) models are required
for applications such as computer-aided design (CAD),
architectural visualizations, flight simulation, and virtual


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences