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Published and Forthcoming Papers by Finance Faculty 2008 2009

Summary: Published and Forthcoming Papers by Finance Faculty
2008 2009
Wu, Goujun (with S. Bharath and P. Pasquariello). "Does Asymmetric Information Drive Capital
Structure Decisions?" Review of Financial Studies. [2008]
Kumar, Praveen and K. Sivaramakrishnan. "Who Monitors the Monitor? The Effect of Board
Independence on Executive Compensation and Firm Value." Review of Financial Studies.
Bekowitz, Jeremy (with P. Christofferson and D. Pelletier). "Evaluating Value-at-Risk Models
with Desk-Level Data." Management Science. [2008]
Langberg, Nisan and K. Sivaramakrishnan. "Voluntary Disclosures and Information Production
by Analysts." Journal of Accounting and Economics. [2008]
Kumar, Praveen and Ramchand, Latha. "Takeovers, Market Monitoring, and International
Corporate Governance." Rand Journal of Economics, 850-874. [2008]
Kumar, Praveen and Turnbull, Stuart. "Optimal Patenting and Licensing of Financial
Innovations." Management Science. [2008]
Kumar, Praveen (with S. Sorescu, R. D. Boehme, and B. Danielsen). "Estimation Risk,
Information, and the Conditional CAPM: Theory and Evidence." Review of Financial Studies.
Turnbull, Stuart (with M. Crouhy, and R. Jarrow). "Insights and Analysis of Current Events: The
Subprime Credit Crisis of 2007." Journal of Derivatives. [2008]


Source: Azevedo, Ricardo - Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Houston


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology