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Equilibrium Analysis of CVD of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Venu G. Varanasi,a

Summary: Equilibrium Analysis of CVD of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia
Venu G. Varanasi,a
Theodore M. Besmann,b,
and Timothy J. Andersona,
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611, USA
Surface Processing and Mechanics Group, Metal and Ceramics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830, USA
The calculations performed in this study indicate that efficient deposition of tetragonal yttria-stabilized zirconia YSZ by chemical
vapor deposition CVD is feasible using metal chloride precursors Zr-Y-C-O-H-Cl system . As reported in the literature, this
work demonstrates that high oxygen content is necessary to efficiently utilize metal chloride precursors for depositing tetragonal
YSZ with CVD. Unwanted carbon impurities can be avoided by using a low hydrogen to carbon ratio inlet H/C
1), high temperatures (T 500C), and low pressures (P 1 bar .
2004 The Electrochemical Society. DOI: 10.1149/1.1828951 All rights reserved.
Manuscript received February 20, 2004. Available electronically November 17, 2004.
Yttria-stabilized zirconia YSZ is critical for several technologi-
cal applications. In particular, 6-8 wt % Y2O3 6.5-8.5 mol % YO1.5)


Source: Anderson, Timothy J. - Chemical Engineering Department, University of Florida


Collections: Materials Science