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Code for PHPsample.php web page To be able to make this work for you

Summary: Code for PHPsample.php web page
To be able to make this work for you:
1. Your web server must be php-enabled. Talk to your web administrator.
2. Your html web page must become a php page. Change the file extension from ".html" to
".php" once you've added the code.
3. Find the browse entry for your name in the archive you want to use. Replace the
browser name in the examples below with yours.
(example: "Richards-J-H" "Zewail-A-H")
4. There are several archives likely to be of interest to you. To see the complete listing and
get started in your search, go to http://libguides.caltech.edu/CODA.
a. CaltechAUTHORS (http://authors.library.caltech.edu/) is the repository for the
vast majority of faculty publications.
b. CaltechTHESIS (http://thesis.library.caltech.edu/) is the repository for theses
written by Caltech students
5. The CSS code below is what the php page will see in the file that is extracted from the
archive that you have chosen. You may modify it to suit your own display needs.
6. The PHP code below should be copy-pasted verbatim from "". You should
only need to change the personal name section (see #2 above) in two places. We've
included PHP coding for both CaltechAUTHORS and CaltechTHESIS (advisor and


Source: Adolphs, Ralph - Psychology and Neuroscience, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Biology and Medicine