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To Inline or Not to Inline? Enhanced Inlining Decisions

Summary: 1
To Inline or Not to Inline?
Enhanced Inlining Decisions
Peng Zhao, Jose Nelson Amaral
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
fpengzhao, amaralg@cs.ualberta.ca
The decision to inline a procedure in the Open Research
Compiler (ORC) was based on a temperature heuristics that
takes into consideration the time spent in a procedure and
the size of the procedure. In this paper we describe the
trade-o that has to be worked out to make the correct inlin-
ing decisions. We introduce two new heuristics to enhance
the ORC inlining heuristics: adaptation and cycle density.
With adaptation we are allowed to vary the temperature
threshold and prevent penalizing small benchmarks. With
cycle density we prevent the inlining of procedures that have
a high temperature in spite of being called infrequently. We
implemented our improved heuristics in the ORC and tested


Source: Amaral, Josť Nelson - Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences