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A Comparison of Spatial Subdivision Algorithms for SortFirst Rendering ?

Summary: A Comparison of Spatial Subdivision
Algorithms for Sort­First Rendering ?
Tahsin M. Kur¸c, H¨useyin Kutluca, Cevdet Aykanat, and B¨ulent ¨
Dept. of Computer Engineering and Information Sci.
Bilkent University, 06533 Ankara, TURKEY
Abstract. This paper describes and experimentally evaluates three adap­
tive spatial subdivision heuristics for sort­first parallel graphics rendering
on distributed­memory multicomputers. In sort­first rendering, image­
space, or screen, is divided into regions. Each processor is assigned one
or multiple regions to render. Primitives in the scene are redistributed
among the processors according to region assignments. The total num­
ber of primitives in the system may increase due to duplication of primi­
tives crossing multiple regions assigned to different processors. The com­
mon characteristic of the algorithms discussed in this paper is that a
2­dimensional mesh is superimposed on the screen and screen is subdi­
vided using the primitive distribution on this mesh. Each processor is
assigned a single region to render. The first algorithm uses summed area
table for subdividing the screen. The second algorithm uses quadtrees for
subdivision. The third algorithm utilizes a graph partitioning approach.


Source: Aykanat, Cevdet - Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences