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Asynchronous Consensus with the Weak Adversary Yonatan Aumann"

Summary: Efficient
Asynchronous Consensus with the Weak Adversary
Yonatan Aumann"
For those of us who like to work with the
We consider the problem of asynchronous consensus
with a wealt dynamic adversary scheduler. We pr~
videthe first algorithm toobtain ~(n) total work inthe
weak adversary model using only single-write r registers.
For the mtdti-uwder setting we give an O(log n) work-
per-processor algorithm, improving upon the previous
0(log2 n) bound. The adversary model considered is
the content oblivious adversary model, which assumes
that the adversary does not know the content of a reg-
ister until it is read by some processor [13].
1 Introduction
Consensus is one of the most studied problems in dis-
tributed computing. In a landmark work, Fisher, Lynch
and Peterson [16] proved the impossibility y of deter-


Source: Aumann, Yonatan - Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences