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CS 2420 Algorithms and Data Structures Instructor: Vicki Allan

Summary: CS 2420 Algorithms and Data Structures

Instructor: Vicki Allan

Office: Main 429

Communications: Phone: 7972022, Email: Vicki.Allan@usu.edu. This course is being videotaped for distance students.
Class lectures are available at tcs.uen.net/tcs. I find I need to download the lecture before playing it. Email will
normally be answered within twelve hours, excluding weekends.

Office Hours: TH 10:301 . Additional office hours are available by appointment.

Prerequisite: CS 1410 or equivalent knowledge.
If you feel that you are a poor C++ programmer, your chances of succeeding in this class are slim. I would strongly
recommend that you take CS1410 instead of this class. I expect that you know the following material: structs, unions,
file operations, classes, friends, overloading operators, inheritance, polymorphism, virtual, exceptions, templates, linked
lists, stacks, queues, recursion, and binary trees. There is so much new material to be learned, you do not have time to
learn material that you should have mastered in earlier classes. Sometimes students like to gamble on success. The
laws of gambling state that the smaller the probability of succeeding, the greater the reward. Many times the gamble in
taking a class (given the time you are willing to spend and the skills you bring to it) has a very low probability of success


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences