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Rate-Range for an FH-FSK Acoustic Modem Nathan Parrish and Sumit Roy

Summary: Rate-Range for an FH-FSK Acoustic Modem
Nathan Parrish and Sumit Roy
University of Washington
Dept. of Electrical Eng., Box 352500
Seattle WA 98195-2500
Warren L. J. Fox and Payman Arabshahi
University of Washington
Applied Physics Laboratory, Box 355640
Seattle WA 98105-6698
Signals transmitted through underwater channels experience
attenuation due to dissipation of acoustic energy by spreading as
well as by absorption. The path loss due to absorption is found to
be highly dependent upon the frequency. Ambient noise, which
also greatly affects accurate reception of the signal, is also highly
dependent upon frequency. For these reasons, the received SNR
cannot be assumed to be constant over wideband acoustic
signaling schemes. In this paper we determine the (signaling) rate


Source: Arabshahi, Payman - Applied Physics Laboratory & Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Engineering