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ThermalDesigner: an application of an object-oriented code conformance architecture

Summary: ThermalDesigner: an application of an object-oriented code
conformance architecture
Robert Amor, John Hosking, Rick Mugridge, John Hamer, Mike Williams
Department of Computer Science
University of Auckland.
In an earlier paper an architecture was described for supporting code conformance
applications based on Kea, an object-oriented functional language. Here we describe
a prototype application, developed using Kea, for checking conformance with a
thermal insulation standard. Called ThermalDesigner, this application incorporates an
object-oriented building model, a graphical plan entry system for editing plans, and
form-based interaction for obtaining non-plan information and supplying results to
the user.
1 Introduction
In Hosking et al (1991), an architecture was proposed for developing code of practice
conformance applications. This architecture includes the following components:
An object-oriented building model
A functional representation of code provisions which are embedded
within the object-oriented building model
A CAD-like drafting front end to allow users to enter plan details


Source: Amor, Robert - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences