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Compiling a Functional Logic Language: The Basic Scheme

Summary: Compiling a Functional Logic Language:
The Basic Scheme
Sergio Antoy Arthur Peters
Computer Science Dept., Portland State University, Oregon, U.S.A.
Abstract. We present the design of a compiler for a functional logic program-
ming language and discuss the compiler's implementation. The source program
is abstracted by a constructor based graph rewriting system obtained from a func-
tional logic program after syntax desugaring, lambda lifting and similar trans-
formations provided by a compiler's front-end. This system is non-deterministic
and requires a specialized normalization strategy. The target program consists of
3 procedures that execute graph replacements originating from either rewrite or
pull-tab steps. These procedures are deterministic and easy to encode in an or-
dinary programming language. We describe the generation of the 3 procedures,
discuss the correctness of our approach, highlight some key elements of an im-
plementation, and benchmark the performance of a proof-of-concept. Our com-
pilation scheme is elegant and simple enough to be presented in one page.
1 Introduction
Wednesday 29th
February, 2012, 15:07 PST


Source: Antoy, Sergio - Department of Computer Science, Portland State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences