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A Case-Based Conceptual Design Information Server for Concurrent Engineering1

Summary: 1
A Case-Based Conceptual Design Information Server
for Concurrent Engineering1
William H. Wood III and Alice M. Agogino
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, U.C. Berkeley
Conceptual design requires processing information from diverse sources in order to define the
functional requirements, operating constraints, and evaluation criteria pertinent to
accomplishing a prescribed goal. This goal has traditionally been focused on the functionality of
an artifact to be provided to a customer. Concurrent engineering redefines this focus to account
for the concerns of `customers' not previously considered - those along the entire life cycle of
an artifact: marketing, design, manufacture, distribution, operation, and disposal. Expanding
the design focus to include all of these customers places far greater informational demands on
the designer. Case-based reasoning applies experience stored in a computerized form toward
solving similar problems in slightly altered contexts. It has been applied successfully to routine
design where both the form and the content of design information can be encoded symbolically
and manipulated using artificial intelligence techniques. Concurrent conceptual design presents
unique problems for such an approach because design information must be considered at many
levels of abstraction and from many viewpoints. We describe an approach to providing the
designer with case-based conceptual design information stored in the richly expressive medium


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Engineering