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University of Kansas Medical Center APPLICANT CERTIFICATION FORM

Summary: University of Kansas Medical Center
I certify that all information contained in my resume and/or application for
employment at KUMC is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand
that providing false or incomplete information may result in disqualification
for employment, termination or withdrawal of the job offer. I understand the
University of Kansas may verify any or all statements in this application and
I consent to the release of information by employers, schools, law
enforcement agencies and other individuals and organizations to
investigators, personnel staffing specialists or other authorized employees.
If I am a current KUMC employee, I further hereby authorize the
Department of Human Resources to release information regarding my
performance evaluations, general work record and qualifications to KUMC
Departments with whom I have interviewed for a transfer/promotion.
I further understand that if I am eligible for overtime the University of
Kansas may at the institution's discretion compensate overtime through
either compensatory time off or payment at the appropriate rate. I
understand that I must prove my eligibility to work in the United States of


Source: Albertini, David - Center for Reproductive Sciences, University of Kansas


Collections: Biology and Medicine