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MR-Trackable Intramyocardial Injection Catheter P.V. Karmarkar,1* D.L. Kraitchman,1

Summary: MR-Trackable Intramyocardial Injection Catheter
P.V. Karmarkar,1* D.L. Kraitchman,1
I. Izbudak,1
L.V. Hofmann,1
L.C. Amado,2
D. Fritzges,1
R. Young,3
M. Pittenger,3
J.W.M. Bulte,1
and E. Atalar1,4
There is growing interest in delivering cellular agents to in-
farcted myocardium to prevent postinfarction left ventricular
remodeling. MRI can be effectively used to differentiate in-
farcted from healthy myocardium. MR-guided delivery of cellu-
lar agents/therapeutics is appealing because the therapeutics
can be precisely targeted to the desired location within the
infarct. In this study, a steerable intramyocardial injection cath-
eter that can be actively tracked under MRI was developed and
tested. The components of the catheter were arranged to form
a loopless RF antenna receiver coil that enabled active tracking.


Source: Atalar, Ergin - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine