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Photodissociation and charge transfer photodynamics in crystalline krypton doped with F, and Xe

Summary: Photodissociation and charge transfer photodynamics in crystalline krypton
doped with F, and Xe
H. Kunttu,`) E. Sekreta, and V. A. Apkarianb)
Department of Chemistry, Institute for Surface and Interface Science, University of California, Irvine,
Irvine, California 92717
(Received 4 February 1991; accepted 1 March 1991)
Long-range migration of F atoms upon photodissociation of F, is demonstrated in mixed
F, :Xe:Kr solids by monitoring arrival of F atoms at Xe sites. The impulsive migration
probabilities are wavelength dependent. At excess energies above 2.4 eV migration lengths
spanning 15 lattice sites are observed. Migration is not observed for excess energies below 1.9
eV. The photodynamics of charge transfer states in F:Xe:Kr solids is presented. Both diatomic
Xe + F -, and mixed triatomic ( KrXe) + F - exciplexes are observed. The XeF( C) and
(KrXe) + F- states are strongly coupled and decay radiatively with a lifetime of 80 ns. These
states are populated via excited vibrations of XeF(B) and XeF( D). A crossing between
XeF( D) and KrXeF potentials is identified. Above this crossing the lower manifold of charge
transfer states are directly populated, while a delay of 10 ns is observed below the crossing.
XeF (B, u = 0) remains uncoupled from the rest of charge transfer states. Implications with
respect to solid state exciplex lasers are discussed.
Halogen-doped rare gas solids (X/RGS) provide con-


Source: Apkarian, V. Ara - Department of Chemistry, University of California, Irvine


Collections: Chemistry