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Using ERA-40 products to verify and improve the Met Office climate model

Summary: Using ERA-40 products to verify and improve the
Met Office climate model
Richard P. Allan, Mark A. Ringer, Anthony Slingo
Hadley Centre, Bracknell, UK
1. Introduction
Accurate measurements of the Earth's climate system and its variability on a variety of time and space-scales
are vital in verifying and improving the quality of climate model simulations. However such comparisons are
impeded by incomplete observational coverage. Reanalyses address this problem by using the limited array
of observations to continually force a model via an assimilation system, thereby providing information as to
the true nature of the atmosphere on a grid suitable for consistent comparison with climate and numerical
prediction models. The degree to which observational information is lost or spurious climate signals created
in the assimilation process is not fully understood and therefore requires careful checking of reanalysis
products. Thus, with the aim of utilising the ECMWF 40-year reanalysis data (ERA-40) in conjunction with
observations to verify the Met Office climate model, the present study seeks to:
Evaluate the quality of ERA-40 data currently available
Understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of ERA-40
Develop exploratory techniques for using observations and ERA-40 data to evaluate the climate
model, concentration on the radiation budget
2. Simulated Radiation Budget and Water Vapour
We first assess the top of atmosphere radiation budget and determinant parameters such as column water


Source: Allan, Richard P. - Department of Meteorology, University of Reading


Collections: Geosciences