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CHEN 3600 -Lab Assignment 2 Plotting and Recognition of Mathematical Base Functions

Summary: CHEN 3600 - Lab Assignment 2
Plotting and Recognition of Mathematical Base Functions
Your assignment is to examine the influence of the parameters (A, B, C) in the basic math
functions below. Note that J0 is defined as a Bessel Function of the First kind, of order zero.
Also note that erf is the Error Function. Near the end of the lab time this week, you will have
a quiz that will test your understanding and explanation of some elements of these functions.
You should select appropriate ranges for these functions and parameters. Use MATLABR
to make plots and examine the plots to learn about the character of the functions and
the influence of the parameters on the shape, scale, position and (where applicable) roots
of the curve. Also investigate the characteristics of the products, quotients, integrals and
derivatives of these important engineering functions. Note that A, B and C in the equations
below are some arbitrary constants that you are supposed to vary to establish a "feel" for
the behavior of the function.
1. y = A sin(Bx + C)
2. y = A cos(Bx + C)
3. y = A tan(Bx + C)
4. y = A cosh(Bx)
5. y = A sinh(Bx)
6. y = A(x + B)n
n = 1..3


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science