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10.1117/2.1201104.003697 New analysis of an old instability

Summary: 10.1117/2.1201104.003697
New analysis of an old instability
Benjamin Wetzel, Miro Erkintalo,
Goery Genty, Kamal Hammani, Bertrand Kibler,
Julien Fatome, Christophe Finot, FrŽedŽeric Dias,
Nail Akhmediev, Guy Millot, and John M. Dudley
A rigorous mathematical treatment describing the spectral evolution
of the modulation instability has applications in optics and fluid
Intuitively understanding the meaning of `noisy' or `unstable'
may be simple, but describing an instability in quantitative
terms is considerably more difficult. While the development of
advanced computational techniques has led to great progress
in the numerical modeling of instabilities, rigorous analytic
descriptions are far less common. New results from nonlinear
optics, however, have driven significant advances in the descrip-
tion of a very important instability that is relevant to pulse prop-
agation in optical fibers as well as to other nonlinear problems.
Such a description opens up new technological possibilities for
the design of ultrashort pulse trains (waveforms with a very


Source: Akhmediev, Nail - Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University
Australian National University, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Optical Sciences Group


Collections: Engineering; Physics