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The Effects of Paper Coating on Gravure Ink , Yu Ju Wu2

Summary: The Effects of Paper Coating on Gravure Ink
Renmei Xu1
, Yu Ju Wu2
, Alexandra Pekarovicova2
, Paul D. Fleming2
, and
Michelle X. Wang3
Keywords: ink mileage, gravure, ink film coat weight, LWC papers
Abstract: An ink mileage curve is a plot of the printed optical density of an ink
on a substrate as a function of ink film thickness. It is helpful to predict how
much ink is needed to achieve target density and has been studied for many
years. It was found that it was affected by both paper properties and ink
properties. However, most of the previous research was done for offset
lithographic printing and little was done for gravure printing, due to the
difficulty of measuring gravure ink mileage. In our previous studies, ink mileage
was measured using two methods based on the same analytical principle: the
tracer method by adding a tracer into the ink, and the direct method utilizing
metal ions that already exist in the ink. In this study, both of the two methods
were used. The substrates used were pilot coated papers using different coating


Source: Abubakr, Said - Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Imaging, Western Michigan University


Collections: Engineering