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Z .Chemical Physics 244 1999 449460 www.elsevier.nlrlocaterchemphys

Summary: Z .Chemical Physics 244 1999 449­460
A method to obtain meV-collision-energy resolution in scattering
studies: application to the
z X X
/ z /HqD TM HD n s0, j qD u -808 reaction at2 rel
E s1.275"0.011 eVrel
Sharon Kennedy, Kushlani Dharmesena, Steven Moser, Marcis Auzinsh 1
Neil E. Shafer-Ray )
Department of Physics and Astronomy, The UniÕersity of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019, USA
Received 19 November 1998
Previous work has shown that a one-to-one correspondence between the speed and scattering angle of state-selected AB
products of the gas-phase reaction sequence AXqhn TM AqX, AqBC TM ABqC can be exploited to measure
state-to-state differential cross-sections without resorting to molecular beams. Here we demonstrate a modification to this
photoinitiated technique that enables for the observation of the forward- and backward-scattered products of a reaction with
improved collision energy resolution. This modification is demonstrated by its application to the measurement of the jX
.dependence of the yield of forward-scattered HD product in the reaction HqD TM HD n s0, j qD at 1.275"0.0112


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics