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Homework 10 The InClass is to be demonstrated (or mailed) to your group leader.

Summary: Homework 10
The InClass is to be demonstrated (or mailed) to your group leader.

The Homework is to be submitted via Eagle. It is to be individual work. You may talk to other
students in the course about your design and to get ideas, but you are to write the complete Alice
programs by yourself. You may receive help from the Professor, CS Tutors, UTF's or TA. In your
comments, identify (by name) all those who helped you. Failure to do so is considered cheating.

Inclass (5 points)
Create two people (with outstretched arms). Move their arms to their sides. Create a "composite item"
consisting of three sprigs of mistletoe (WebGallery/Holidays/Christmas). Use variables, functions and
a conditional to do the following:
a. (1 point) Treat the three parts of the mistletoe as one piece so they move together.
b. (4 points) Compute the height of each of the people. Move the mistletoe above the head of the taller
person. [Change the sizes of the people and verify that the mistletoe now goes to a different person.]
d. (1 point BONUS) Wait a second and then have the shorter person turn red and then disappear.

You will need to read about "conditionals" in chapter 12 to do part b.
Use the vehicle property to get the composite object to behave as a unit.


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences