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Technical Report no. 2006-10 Image-Space Dynamic Transparency for

Summary: Technical Report no. 2006-10
Image-Space Dynamic Transparency for
Improved Object Discovery in 3D
Ulf Assarsson Niklas Elmqvist Philippas Tsigas
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology and GĻoteborg University
412 96 GĻoteborg, Sweden
GĻoteborg, 2006
We present an image-space algorithm for dynamic transparency with the purpose of sup-
porting object discovery and access in information-rich 3D visualization environments.
The algorithm is based on multiple rendering passes and detects instances of object occlu-
sion in the image-space using the fragment shader capabilities of modern programmable
graphics hardware, creating alpha maps of opacity gradients around the occluded objects.
In essence, the effect is somewhat similar to "X-ray vision" of a superhero. We have imple-
mented a prototype version of our algorithm with real-time rendering performance using a
number of optimizations and speedups on current graphics hardware. To evaluate its use,
we have also implemented three different example applications portraying different scenar-
ios, including abstract visualization, virtual walkthrough, and gaming. Preliminary results


Source: Assarsson, Ulf - Department of Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences