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Collaborative Research: A Comprehensive Pathway for K-Gray Engineering Education

Summary: Collaborative Research:
A Comprehensive Pathway for K-Gray Engineering Education
Year 3 Annual Report (Submitted July 28, 2008)
Project Description
Educating the K-Gray engineering community in today's digital world requires straightforward
yet flexible access to high-quality educational resources. The goal of this project is to create and
steward the K-Gray Engineering Pathway (EP), a premier portal to comprehensive engineering
and computing education resources within the greater National Science Digital Library (NSDL),
by combining NEEDS' (National Engineering Education Digital-library System's) expertise in
higher education and lifelong learning with TE's (TeachEngineering's) expertise and experiences
in K-12 engineering education.
We envision the K-Gray Engineering Pathway as the engineering "wing" of the NSDL serving
resource providers and users from a broad spectrum of constituencies: elementary, middle and
high schools; two/four-year undergraduate programs; graduate and professional schools; and
lifelong learners. Key stewardship goals of the K-Gray Engineering Pathway are to merge
NEEDS and TE into a unified K-Gray Engineering Pathway, to significantly and sustainably
grow the K-Gray Engineering Pathway, to align EP's curricula with appropriate undergraduate
or K-12 educational standards, to increase the number of EP content providers and users, to
develop and implement interoperable quality control and review protocols for all EP content, and
to create a nonprofit strategy and partnership for sustaining the K-Gray Engineering Pathway.


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Engineering