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Lists and List Segments An Introduction

Summary: Chapter 4
Lists and List Segments
An Introduction
to Separation Logic
c 2009 John C. Reynolds
February 11, 2009
In this chapter, we begin to explore data structures that represent ab-
stract types of data. Our starting point will be various kinds of lists, which
represent sequences.
Sequences and their primitive operations are a sufficiently standard --
and straightforward -- mathematical concept that we omit their definition.
We will use the following notations, where and are sequences:
for the empty sequence.
[a] for the single-element sequence containing a. (We will omit the
brackets when a is not a sequence.)
for the composition of followed by .

for the reflection of .
# for the length of .
i for the ith component of (where 1 i #).


Source: Andrews, Peter B. - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University


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