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Water Resour Manage DOI 10.1007/s11269-008-9388-8

Summary: Water Resour Manage
DOI 10.1007/s11269-008-9388-8
Estimation of Clark's Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph
Parameters and Development of Direct Surface
Runoff Hydrograph
Muhammad Masood Ahmad ·
Abdul Razzaq Ghumman · Sajjad Ahmad
Received: 1 March 2008 / Accepted: 12 December 2008
© Springer Science + Business Media B.V. 2009
Abstract We present a method to estimate Time of Concentration (Tc) and Storage
Coefficient (R) to develop Clark's Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (CIUH). Tc is
estimated from Time Area Diagram of the catchment and R is determined using
optimization approach based on Downhill Simplex technique (code written in FOR-
TRAN). Four different objective functions are used in optimization to determine
R. The sum of least squares objective function is used in a novel way by relating it
to slope of a linear regression best fit line drawn between observed and simulated
peak discharge values to find R. Physical parameters (delineation, land slope, stream
lengths and associated drainage areas) of the catchment are derived from SPOT
satellite imageries of the basin using ERDAS: Arc GIS is used for geographic data
processing. Ten randomly selected rainfall­runoff events are used for calibration


Source: Ahmad, Sajjad - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Collections: Engineering