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A One-Pot, Microwave-Influenced Synthesis of Diverse Small Molecules

Summary: A One-Pot, Microwave-Influenced
Synthesis of Diverse Small Molecules
by Multicomponent Reaction Cascades
Soumava Santra and Peter R. Andreana*
Department of Chemistry, Wayne State UniVersity, 5101 Cass AVenue,
Detroit, Michigan 48202
Received September 14, 2007
Small molecule diversity can be achieved in a single synthetic operation from bifunctional substrates in the absence of additives and under
the influence of microwaves with complete control of pathway selectivity. The preliminary Ugi four-component coupling products give rise to
three structurally distinct scaffolds that are dependent on solvent effects and sterics. 2,5-Diketopiperazines (Type A), 2-azaspiro[4.5]deca-
6,9-diene-3,8-diones (Type B), and thiophene-derived Diels-Alder tricyclic lactams (Type C) predominate in this reaction cascade.
Multicomponent coupling reactions (MCRs) have been
frequently used by synthetic chemists as a facile means to
generate molecular diversity from bifunctional substrates that
react sequentially in an intramolecular fashion.1
such types of MCRs that achieve the formation of multiple
bonds in a single operation is one of the major challenges


Source: Andreana, Peter R. - Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University


Collections: Chemistry