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MarchwhensapwasriaiOl.while unwantedgone(UlexgoJlii)andcom-awmheather(Ca1h1n4wlFris) wereflail cut aM bImed in KlIneareas.

Summary: MarchwhensapwasriaiOl.while unwantedgone(UlexgoJlii)andcom-
awmheather(Ca1h1n4wlFris) wereflail cut aM bImed in KlIneareas.
In a&litioo. litter reJOOValhastenedd1eregeneratkKld heamerfrom
seedin 8OIneIeCtionIdominated by biICh. The authon recommend
in~iD8 the numberof cattle (currently 100-150anima],) and are
currentlymonitoring~ effectsof llUing byeight Exmoorponieson a
Transplantation of the Sub.hrub Lotus scoparius: Testiili the Home#
Site Advantage HvpotbCIia. 2(XX).Montalvo. AM,. Pacific Southwest
ReseaIch Statim1. United States Forest Service 4955 Canyon Crest
Drive. Riverside, CA 92507; and N.c. EUsttand. CODIenIatiODBiology
The results from two coomIon-gBlden experiments that Mootalvo and
ElIItrand ~ from 1995 to 1997 wim aanaplanted ..~~ ci.
~--w--~ (Loacs~ var. ~ and l.otI4SSCOfmWsVat. ~
M). a nadve c1 soud1em Californian coastal sage8CnIb.support me
h~d1esla that me Uie of genetically and environmentally distant
plant populations can adversely affect the establishment and ~-
tive ~ c1a seedinI or restoradon project. The aud1


Source: Abella, Scott R. - School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology