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Math 3130 Final: Due Thursday December 16th, 4pm

Summary: Math 3130 Final: Due
Thursday December 16th, 4pm
Remember to show your work!
Directions This is a take home, open notes
test. There are three sections. You must
answer carefully at least six problems with
at least one from each section. You answer
must be your own; you are free to discuss
problems with other students but must write
up your own answers. Excessive similarity of
answers will be noted and dealt with appro-
I) Foundations and the Integers
Problem 1 Using the Euclidean algorithm
and showing the steps, find the multiplicative
inverse of 125 modulo 364.
Problem 2 Suppose that f(x) Zp[X], p
odd, is a quadratic polynomial. Prove in gen-
eral that the polynomial function from Zp to
itself obtained by evaluating f(x) cannot be


Source: Ashlock, Dan - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Guelph


Collections: Mathematics