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Computer Aided Chemical Engineering CHEN 3600 Fall 2011 Course Syllabus

Summary: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering
CHEN 3600 Fall 2011 Course Syllabus
Instructor: Dr. W. Robert Ashurst, 227 Ross Hall, 844-2559, ashurst@auburn.edu
Office Hours: M, W: 1:50 3:30 PM, in Ross 227 or 306 and by appointment as needed
by arrangement.
GTAs: Andy Damiani, 329 Ross Hall, ald0025@tigermail.auburn.edu, Office Hours: F: 2:00
4:00 PM.
David Roe, 329 Ross Hall, roedavi@auburn.edu, Office Hours: M, W: 2:00 3:00 PM.
Lecture: M, W : 1:00 1:50 PM, Ross Hall, Room 306 (Uthlaut Computer Lab)
Laboratory: T, H: 8:00 9:20 AM - or - 9:30 10:50 AM, Ross Hall, Room 306 (Uthlaut
Computer Lab)
Prerequisites: COMP 1200, MATH 2650. Completion of CHEN 2610 with a grade of C
or higher.
Bulletin: Systematic approach to solving chemical engineering problems using analytical
and synthetic approaches. Effective communication of problem solution and recom-
mendations using established formats for writing elements. General and structured
programming concepts, introductory probability and statistics concepts. Application
to chemical engineering problems involving material and energy balances and transport
process, data validation and analysis.
Objectives: The overall goals of the course are to provide a solid introduction to system-


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science