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On Using Mobility to Propagate Malware Sandeep Sarat Andreas Terzis

Summary: On Using Mobility to Propagate Malware
Sandeep Sarat Andreas Terzis
Computer Science Department
Johns Hopkins University
Abstract-- Mobility can be exploited to spread malware among
wireless nodes. In this paper, we present an analytical model for
estimating the evolution of infections spanning multiple network
domains that host mobile nodes. We validate the accuracy of
the proposed model by comparing its predictions to simulations
driven by realistic mobility patterns. Our results show that
such a mobile infection requires less than a day to infect the
majority of a mobile population with thousands of wireless nodes
spanning hundreds of network domains. Moreover, if mobile
nodes are allowed to infect nodes within the same domain
that are connected to the wired network, then an even smaller
number of mobile nodes can inflict comparable damage in similar
time frames. Unfortunately, these infections generate negligible
activity at global malware monitoring stations (e.g., network
telescopes and honeypots), which contributes to their stealthiness.


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences