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Magnetoresistance of constricted ferromagnetic wires A. O. Adeyeye,a)

Summary: Magnetoresistance of constricted ferromagnetic wires
A. O. Adeyeye,a)
R. P. Cowburn, and M. E. Welland
Department of Engineering, Nanoscale Science Group, University of Cambridge,
Cambridge CB2 1PZ, United Kingdom
Received 27 July 1999; accepted for publication 20 September 1999
We describe a systematic study of magnetoresistance MR behavior of individual constricted 25 nm
thick Ni80Fe20 wires. The structures consist of a 5 m support and a narrow wire with width w in
the range 100500 nm. When the field is applied parallel to the wire axis, we observe two switching
fields for w 200 nm corresponding to the distinct coercive fields of the narrow part of the wire
and the 5 m support structure, as compared to one switching field observed for w 500 nm. The
MR response to the field applied perpendicular to the wire width is found to be very sensitive to w
due to the demagnetizing field. We are able to deduce from the field sequence measurements the
spin orientations in the fabricated structures. We have shown that it is possible to laterally control
spin orientation for tailor made magnetic devices. 2000 American Institute of Physics.
S0021-8979 00 02901-7
The spin-dependent transport in nanometer scale mag-
nets has recently been a subject of extensive experimental
and theoretical studies. This has resulted in the observation


Source: Adeyeye, Adekunle - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore


Collections: Physics; Materials Science