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physics/990503012May1999 On the Gravitational Field of a Mass Point

Summary: physics/990503012May1999
On the Gravitational Field of a Mass Point
according to Einstein's Theory
by K. Schwarzschild
(Communicated January 13th, 1916 [see above p. 42].)
translation and foreword by
S. Antoci
and A. Loinger
Foreword. This fundamental memoir contains the ORIGINAL form of the solution of Schwarzschild's problem.
It is regular in the whole space-time, with the only exception of the origin of the spatial co-ordinates; consequently,
it leaves no room for the science fiction of the black holes. (In the centuries of the decline of the Roman Empire
people said: "Graecum est, non legitur"...).
1. In his work on the motion of the perihelion of Mercury (see Sitzungsberichte of November
18th, 1915) Mr. Einstein has posed the following problem:
Let a point move according to the prescription:

ds = 0,


Source: Antoci, Salvatore - Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Pavia


Collections: Physics