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Minimal thunkification Torben Amtoft

Summary: Minimal thunkification
Torben Amtoft
Kansas State University
Minimal thunkification p.1/21
Outline of talk
1. Present a type inference system for strictness analysis,
using annotations on the function arrows (a la Wright);
2. Use the strictness information to avoid some superfluous
"thunkifications" when translating from CBN to CBV
3. Give a combined correctness proof of the
analysis/translation (in the trend of Wand).
Minimal thunkification p.2/21
Our Typed Language
e := x | c | e1e2 | x.e | if e1 e2 e3 | rec f e
c : Ct(c)
x : (x)
{x := t1}e : t
x.e : t1t
e1 : t2t1 and e2 : t2


Source: Amtoft, Torben - Department of Computing and Information Sciences, Kansas State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences