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Residential Life and Housing Safety Tips Know your emergency numbers 911 and 7137433333

Summary: Residential Life and Housing Safety Tips
Know your emergency numbers 911 and 7137433333
Don't leave personal property unattended
Have make, model and serial number for all your equipment
Place identifying marks on all textbooks
Don't leave valuable property in view inside your vehicle
Be aware of your surroundings
Know emergency call boxes locations where you frequently walk
Lock your residence hall or apartment door, even when you're home. Lock your car. Lock your bike.
Lock your purse in your room.
Lock your door when you sleep, even in a residence hall.
Theft of backpacks and textbooks is common--the resale value of books makes them attractive
targets for petty thieves. If you're leaving for a minute, take your things with you.
The police department will also provide a property registration sheet to record your valuables.
Keep it in a safe place, away from the valuables themselves. If your property is stolen, your written
inventory helps you provide a detailed description of what's missing, and if the property is
recovered the police.
Don't lend your keys, student ID, driver's license, or meal ticket to anyone.
Don't open a building door for a stranger who doesn't have a key. Don't prop open a door either--
and if you see one that is propped open, close it.


Source: Azevedo, Ricardo - Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Houston


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology