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Steffen Staab University of Karlsruhe

Summary: Steffen Staab
University of Karlsruhe
T r e n d s & C o n t r o v e r s i e s
72 1094-7167/03/$17.00 © 2003 IEEE IEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
The Meaning of Self-Organization in
Francis Heylighen and Carlos Gershenson,
Free University of Brussels
The first user-friendly PCs in the 1980s and the Web in
the 1990s unleashed a wave of innovation that seems to
have drowned in complexity and confusion. Software
developers are scrambling to keep their systems up to date
with all the new standards, plug-ins, and extensions.
Although we constantly hear announcements of spectacu-
lar innovations, few seem to reach maturity. The problem
is, developers tend to underestimate the task environment's
complexity: Today's information systems depend on so
many modules, data sources, network connections, and
input and output devices that predicting or controlling their


Source: Aberer, Karl - Faculté Informatique et Communications, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences