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Network Coding for Undirected Information Jasper Goseling, Christina Fragouli, Suhas N. Diggavi

Summary: 1
Network Coding for Undirected Information
Jasper Goseling, Christina Fragouli, Suhas N. Diggavi
Abstract--We consider the information exchange problem
where each in a set of terminals transmits information to all
other terminals in the set, over an undirected network. We show
that the design of only a single network code for multicasting
is sufficient to achieve an arbitrary point in the achievable
rate region. We also provide an alternative proof for the set
of achievable rate tuples.
Consider a group of users in a network represented as
an undirected graph that want to exchange information, i.e.,
each user has information that needs to be received by all
other users. This model arises in multimedia file exchange
applications such as video-conferencing and internet games.
In this work we consider the use of network coding for such
information exchange conferences. Network coding admits a
larger rate region than routing, at polynomial complexity [1].


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering