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3D Hand Pose Estimation by Finding AppearanceBased Matches in a Large Database of Training Views

Summary: 3D Hand Pose Estimation by Finding Appearance­Based Matches in a Large
Database of Training Views
Vassilis Athitsos and Stan Sclaroff
Computer Science Department
Boston University
111 Cummington Street
Boston, MA 02215
Ongoing work towards appearance­based 3D hand
pose estimation from a single image is presented. Using
a 3D hand model and computer graphics a large database
of synthetic views is generated. The views display differ­
ent hand shapes as seen from arbitrary viewpoints. Each
synthetic view is automatically labeled with parameters de­
scribing its hand shape and viewing parameters. Given an
input image, the system retrieves the most similar database
views, and uses the shape and viewing parameters of those
views as candidate estimates for the parameters of the in­
put image. Preliminary results are presented, in which
appearance­based similarity is defined in terms of the


Source: Athitsos, Vassilis - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences