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Generalization of Information Measures \Lambda PoNing Chen y and Fady Alajaji z

Summary: Generalization of Information Measures \Lambda
Po­Ning Chen y and Fady Alajaji z
y Computer & Communication Research Laboratories,
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan 310, Republic of China
Email: poning@e0sun3.ccl.itri.org.tw
z Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
Queen's University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6, Canada
Email: fady@polya.mast.queensu.ca
Abstract --- General formulas for entropy, mu­
tual information, and divergence are estab­
lished. It is revealed that these quantities
are actually determined by three decisive se­
quences of random variables; which are, respec­
tively, the normalized source information den­
sity, the normalized channel information den­
sity, and the normalized log­likelihood ratio.
In terms of the ultimate cumulative distribu­
tion functions or spectrums of these random
sequences, entropy, mutual information and di­
vergence are respectively expressed in their


Source: Alajaji, Fady - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Queen's University (Kingston)


Collections: Engineering