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Discovering Top-k Teams of Experts with/without a Leader in Social Networks

Summary: Discovering Top-k Teams of Experts
with/without a Leader in Social Networks
Mehdi Kargar and Aijun An
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
York University, Toronto, Canada
We study the problem of discovering a team of experts from
a social network. Given a project whose completion re-
quires a set of skills, our goal is to find a set of experts
that together have all of the required skills and also have
the minimal communication cost among them. We propose
two communication cost functions designed for two types of
communication structures. We show that the problem of
finding the team of experts that minimizes one of the pro-
posed cost functions is NP-hard. Thus, an approximation
algorithm with an approximation ratio of two is designed.
We introduce the problem of finding a team of experts with
a leader. The leader is responsible for monitoring and co-
ordinating the project, and thus a different communication


Source: An, Aijun - Department of Computer Science, York University (Toronto)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences