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PhysChemMinerals(1992)19:176-184 PHYSICS[]]CHIMISTRY

Summary: PhysChemMinerals(1992)19:176-184
9 Springer-Verlag1992
Morphological Instabilities during Rapid Growth of Metamorphic
Bjorn Jamtveit I and Torgeir B. Andersen /
xDepartment of Geology,Universityof Bristol,WillsMemorialBuilding,QueensRoad, BristolBS8 1RJ,UK
2Department of Geology,Universityof Oslo,P.O. Box 1047,Blindern,N-0316Oslo 3, Norway
ReceivedMay 24, 1991/ AcceptedMarch 18, 1992
Abstract. Hydrothermal grossular-andradite garnets
from contact aureoles in the Oslo region show morpho-
logical transitions from planar via cellular to hopper-like
structures. Dodecahedral surfaces {110} dominate dur-
ing the planar growth stage, whereas the stable crystal
faces, developed during the cellular and hopper stages
also includes the ikositetrahedron {211} and possibly
the hexoctahedron {321}. Faceted cells develope when
initially 'wavy' perturbations on the dodecahedral sur-
faces become tangential to lower-index planar surfaces.


Source: Andersen, Torgeir Bjørge - Centre for Physics of Geological Processes & Department of Geosciences, Universitetet i Oslo


Collections: Geosciences