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On the Spreadsheet Presentation of Proof Obligations

Summary: On the Spreadsheet Presentation
of Proof Obligations
James H. Andrews
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7
Abstract. A compact and structured format for presenting proof obli­
gations is described. The format places the formulas and proof obliga­
tions in the form of a spreadsheet, where rows are formulas, columns
are obligations, and cells record whether and how a formula appears in
an obligation. This spreadsheet presentation frees the proof system from
some interface­related restrictions, and allows users to follow a more
natural style of problem solving. It can be applied to either sequent or
tableau logics, and can be used by most theorem proving systems. An
initial implementation is discussed, some recommendations are made for
future effort, and a graphical user interface design is proposed based on
the spreadsheet model.
1 Introduction
When we want to prove a theorem using a proof assistant, we the users are faced
with the task of processing a large amount of complex information. The single,


Source: Andrews, Jamie - Department of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences