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10 Bell Labs Technical Journal x JulySeptember 1998 Introduction

Summary: 10 Bell Labs Technical Journal x July­September 1998
We report some experiences in the use of domain
engineering to construct switching systems at Lucent
Technologies. The software development teams for the
projects we investigated introduced new technologies
to their organizations, so they were obliged to solve
two sets of problems--those related to the construc-
tion of software and those related to ensuring even-
tual adoption of the systems they built. The interaction
of technical decisions with adoption strategies is the
main subject of our study.
Others have observed similar problems arise dur-
ing the introduction of new technology into software
development.1,2 While we believe our lessons apply to
other types of software systems and to other types of
technology, they are especially relevant to organiza-
tions considering the adoption of domain engineering.
In the next section, we describe the domain engi-
neering method practiced by the project teams. In the


Source: Ardis, Mark - School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences